Meet the Founder
David Pomerantz


David Pomerantz is a professional with experience covering community planning and public administration, construction management, climate adaptation and emergency management.

He has expertise in program development and management and facilitation with private, non-profit and municipal sector organizations.

With the following skills and qualifications David concentrates on addressing climate impact issues and opportunities related to sea level rise and increased flooding as it affects the social, built and natural environments of coastal and inland communities:

David’s work is guided by the words of conservation biologist George Schaller who said:

“I have chosen a never-ending path — but one where I can make a difference. I still strive to protect something that will outlive me.”

Through research and writing, technical assistance, facilitation, program assessment, education, capacity building, problem solving and the development and management of projects David’s focus is to create catalysts and reduce impediments to accelerate the implementation of climate adaptation efforts.

By engaging with diverse groups and organizations, and providing critical services and deliverables, David can be an impetus for the advancement and strengthening of climate adaptation. Examples of such efforts include:

  • Engaging with municipalities and regional organizations to increase organizational capacity in order to develop and manage adaptation projects.
  • Collaborating with non-profits to provide technical assistance covering planning and construction management for municipal and regional projects.
  • Assisting state and federal agencies in the development, delivery and assessment of adaptation programs.
  • Working with non-profit, governmental and private sector professional associations to identify and alleviate adaptation impediments and provide technical assistance to improve collaboration among groups.
  • Assisting educational institutions, including extension services, and foundations with climate adaptation related research, information transfer and program monitoring and assessment.

David is a team player with great problem-solving skills and is a clear communicator who is able to work with and support diverse groups. Strong writing and public speaking skills enable him to advance organization’s missions and build support for their efforts.

David’s understanding and experience with procurement, financing, construction management community planning and emergency management has greatly benefited the public and non-profit organizations he has worked with. In his recent position as the Director of Facilities Management for the City of Northampton, MA David was involved in hazard mitigation and climate resilience work. His experience as a FEMA Disaster Reservist, along with the many years he spent as a firefighter, adds to his understanding of the issues surrounding emergency management and the mitigation of community impacts.

David’s professional work has always had a head and hands focus, and for climate adaptation work he continues to straddle both sides of that equation. David can work on policy and regulatory issues but also strives to help get projects in the ground. He can assist communities in developing adaptation plans and programs to flooding related impacts, but also wants to pull on his boots and help restore wetlands and foster ecological restoration. As an experienced facilitator David’s goal is to continue to be a catalyst for the continued advancement of climate adaptation and to help foster sound and secure communities.

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